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Live Webinar - Real Estate Exam Prep!


In this Live Real Estate Exam Prep Webinar we will review
100 of the toughest test questions you could encounter
on the national or general section of your exam.
These questions are not found in any other material on this site.
They were developed for anyone taking the sales or broker's
multiple-choice tests for AMP, PSI, or Pearson VUE. 

Please note. These test questions do NOT include math.
The Real Estate Math Made Easy is included with the review. 

What happens in the class?
This is a webinar, so you will login at a specified time for class to start.
The question will be presented and you will select your answer.

Once everyone has selected their answer, a graph will show how many people in the class selected the correct answer. Next, we will review the answers in detail showing why the answers were incorrect. This will help you identify read more carefully when taking your state exam.

Will I receive a copy of the test?
Yes, upon completion of the webinar you will be sent a link where you can take the test one more time when you are ready.

Can I purchase just the test without attending the webinar?
Yes. There is a price reduction if you just take the test without attending the webinar.

Can I ask Questions in the class? 
Have paper and pen with you to jot down your question. Everyone will be "muted" while answering the question and reviewing the answers. This will allow you to focus, listen and learn.

There is a 10 minute break every hour. Just before there break there will be a time to answer questions.
If your specific question does not get answered, then just email me and I will answer it by email.
This is a review, so you should know most of this material. So, if you find yourself with a list of twenty questions, then that will require private tutoring. The fee for private tutoring is available at $60 per hour.  

What happens if I register and then cannot attend the webinar?

At that point you will have a choice of just taking the test by itself, attending another class
or asking for a refund. If you ask for a refund within 24 hours of the scheduled class, a full refund is issued. If you are a "no-show" it may be applied to another class or person or an 80% refund will be issued.

About Your Instructor
Joyce Bea Sterling has been teaching real estate since 1986 and has over 14,000 hours
in the real estate classroom and online instruction. If she were a pilot, she'd be a captain!

This webinar is designed to help you analyze the question formats, identify key words and terms
and review the most challenging topics on the exam.

Set aside as day for yourself to study in the comfort of your home or office!

If you are interested in the Webinar, please email me.


100 Questions Real Estate Exam
& Real Estate Math Made Easy
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